Unless you’re a trained foundation repair professional having the right tools and experience, you shouldn’t try to underpin your house yourself.

In this article, we will discuss the possible risks of DIY underpinning and how to avoid them.

Is DIY Underpinning A House Possible?

DIY Underpinning is only possible if you’re experienced, have proper skills, and have industry knowledge. If you’re lacking any of the mentioned, we highly recommend not underpinning your house yourself.

Only an expert with the right abilities and industry knowledge can underpin a house. Not having the required tools, skills, and experience is too risky for you and your property. We strongly advise you not to underpin a house yourself without lacking the aforementioned.

With the right skills and know-how, you can try DIY underpinning. But even then, it’s best to consult an engineer and follow their installation requirements and processes. 

What Are The Risks Of Underpinning A House Yourself?

The risks of DIY underpinning are –

– You could damage your property beyond repair if you don’t know what you’re doing.

– You could injure or even kill yourself in the process.

– It will void your insurance coverage if you do it yourself.

– You may not comply with the building code, which could lead to legal problems.

Knowing how to prevent foundation issues is just as important as knowing how to repair them. You’re better off spending time rectifying other issues causing the need for underpinning and leaving the repairs to professionals.

Should I Choose A Professional Underpinning Contractor?

Underpinning projects are complex and dangerous, so it’s wise to choose a professional underpinning contractor with relevant experience.

These are the top reasons to choose a professional underpinning contractor:

– They have the technical knowledge and experience to handle any complex job.

– They use the right tools and equipment.

– They follow industry best practices.

– They provide a guarantee of their work.

– They are insured and licensed.

Before you decide to underpin, you should be sure whether it’s time for an underpinning service. Check out our blog does my house need underpinning to know the details.

Underpinning is Complex

Underpinning is a complex process that includes digging several feet deep below the home’s footing. In some cases concrete piers or screwpiles are installed to bear the load of the structure. This procedure must be done under expert supervision to minimise damage to the house’s construction.

Underpinning Is Dangerous

If not done properly following the industry standards, it can be dangerous. That includes:

– Collapse of the house

– Soil erosion

– Damage to the surrounding property

– Injury or death of people

– Overcorrecting relevel can lead to further cracks in the walls, doors, and windows.

Experience is Required

An underpinning project must be completed by a professional underpinning contractor with extensive expertise. Every job is unique, and without relevant expertise, you will end up costing more than planned.

Warranty On Underpinning

Most of the underpinning contractors of Melbourne offer at least 10 years of warranty for their workmanship. So, you are pretty much covered by the warranty if any issues arise.

Underpinning a house is a complex and dangerous process that a professional contractor should only do. Choosing the right contractor can avoid many of the risks associated with DIY underpinning.

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