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Concrete Levelling Melbourne | Slab Jacking Experts

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Melbourne Underpinning Group is an expert in providing concrete levelling services to the people of Melbourne. We specialise in fixing uneven or sinking concrete slabs in and around homes and businesses.

Our experienced team of professionals uses advanced equipment to provide our customers with smooth and safe surfaces. You can rely on us for efficient, affordable, and guaranteed slab jacking solutions in the area.

Get the flat, stable concrete surfaces you deserve today. Give us a call or leave a message to learn more.

Why is Concrete Levelling Important?

Concrete levelling is important because of the following reasons:

Safety First

Safety is the first and foremost reason concrete levelling is important. Uneven concrete can become a tripping hazard for pedestrians and vehicles. Raised edges, dips, or cracks in concrete pathways or driveways can lead to unfortunate accidents, posing a risk to individuals, vehicles, and properties.

Concrete levelling lets you avoid these unnecessary dangers, creating a safer space for everyone.

Longevity and Durability

Another reason why concrete levelling is crucial is that it maintains the longevity and durability of your concrete surfaces. Uneven surfaces tend to accumulate water, leading to faster degradation and eventual breakage.

With concrete levelling, you help ensure your surfaces are flat and well-drained, increasing their lifespan.

Aesthetics Matter

The appearance of your property plays a significant role in its overall value. Uneven, cracked, or sunken concrete can look unsightly, leaving a poor impression on potential buyers.

Concrete levelling restores the neat, clean appearance of your property, enhancing its visual appeal and potentially increasing its market value.

Our Concrete Levelling Service

Are you experiencing problems with your concrete slabs? Our team in Melbourne has you covered.

The following are the main concrete levelling services we provide:

  • Mass concrete underpinning: This solution involves the addition of a supportive concrete foundation beneath existing structures, strengthening and stabilising them to prevent further sinking or shifting.
  • Steel pile underpinning: This technique uses robust steel piles driven into the ground beneath a structure until they reach a solid base, providing a durable, long-lasting support system that ensures structural stability.
  • Cement grout underpinning: This service injects a cement-based grout into the soil beneath your concrete structures, consolidating the ground and improving its bearing capacity, resulting in increased stability and strength.

Why Choose Us for Slab Jacking

At Melbourne Underpinning Group, we take pride in being your go-to solution for concrete levelling. Here's why we are the best choice:

Experienced Professionals

With years of experience, our team delivers top-notch workmanship, ensuring your surfaces are levelled to perfection.

Local Experts

As locals, we understand Melbourne’s unique terrain and construction requirements, enabling us to provide tailored solutions.

Quality and Efficiency

We use industry-leading tools and techniques, guaranteeing high-quality and efficient service every time.

Affordable Pricing

Our prices are competitive, and we ensure that all our customers get the best value for their money.

Superior Customer Service

We go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction-offering support and advice from start to finish.