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Brick Crack Repair Melbourne | Cracked Brickwork Services

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Melbourne Underpinning Group recognises the threat wall cracks pose, from cosmetic nuisances to serious structural challenges. Shifting ground, foundation failure, or design flaws might be to blame. If you’re worried about deeper issues concealed by these cracks, we’ve got you covered.

Our unique, technologically advanced brick wall crack repair services ensure no wall gets torn down. We forgo costly, invasive methods like dismantling or reconstruction, preserving your home’s integrity. Our proficient team can rectify interior and exterior wall cracks within a couple of days, offering a convenient and budget-friendly solution.

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What Causes Cracked Brickwork In Melbourne?

The following are the main causes of cracked brickwork:

  • Reactive soils: These soils expand or contract with changing moisture levels throughout the year, causing uneven stress on home foundations and leading to wall cracks.
  • Degraded building materials: Over time, building materials can degrade due to factors like gravity, weathering, or rotting, undermining structural integrity and leading to wall cracks.
  • Experiencing extra loads: Wall cracks may appear when a home’s weight, due to extensions or renovations, exceeds its original design capacity, putting extra pressure on the structure and its foundation.
  • Seasonal changes: Dramatic changes such as droughts and floods can cause significant contraction and expansion of the soil, leading to wall cracks.
  • Insufficient drainage: Broken drains, leaks, or unconnected pipes can cause soil erosion underneath the home, destabilising the ground and leading to foundation instability and wall cracks.
  • Nearby trees: Invasive root structures from nearby trees can remove water from the soil, altering its moisture content and causing wall cracks.

Why You Should Fix Damaged Bricks?

Fixing damaged bricks is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Ignoring such issues could exacerbate underlying problems. Reactive clay soils, poor drainage, and additional loads may worsen, leading to more severe damage.

Meanwhile, poorly constructed homes may further degrade if not rectified. This can easily lead to cracks caused by expanding materials, compromising the overall stability of your home.

Unattended cracks can also be gateways for water damage and soil erosion, leading to further instability.

Our Cracked Brickwork Repair Solutions

You can expect the following repair solutions from us when it comes to cracked brickwork:

  • Wall stitching: An ideal solution for most structural wall cracks, applicable both inside and outside homes.
  • Applying control joints: Buildings naturally move, and our control joints allow your home to do so in a measured way, reinforcing wall stability.
  • Masonry beam repairs: We repair cracks above and below openings using steel rods, enabling successful load distribution over large areas.

By embedding stainless steel rods into your home’s walls, Melbourne Underpinning Group effectively repairs structural wall cracks, causing minimal disruption to existing brickwork or rendered walls. Post-repair, your walls will seamlessly blend in as we skilfully repoint mortar joints and fill cracks.

Our steel rods and exceptional techniques enhance the tensile strength of cracked walls, evenly distributing loads, thus preventing the need for costly rehabilitation.

Why Hire Us

You should hire us because of our:

  • Expertise: We possess a wealth of experience in addressing all forms of cracked brickwork.
  • Innovative solutions: We employ stainless steel rods to fortify structures without intrusive methods.
  • Seamless results: Our approach ensures aesthetically pleasing results internally and externally.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our solutions negate the need for costly rebuilding.
  • Convenience: We work swiftly and efficiently, letting you stay at home while we work.
  • Trustworthiness: We’re dedicated to restoring your home’s stability with proficient and progressive techniques.