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Floor Relevelling Melbourne | Sloping Floors & Sinking Piers

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At Melbourne Underpinning Group, we understand that a solid foundation is critical to the health of your home. Over time, factors like changing soil conditions and climate can cause uneven settling of foundations, leading to potential damage such as wall cracks, floor gaps, and sinking floors.

With our specialised knowledge in concrete slab floors, we diagnose and address these concerns, providing the safest and most cost-effective solutions. Whether it’s strengthening support beams, repairing cracks, or our meticulous slab lifting procedure, we’re committed to restoring your home’s stability.

Reach out today, and let’s work together to relevel your floors and rejuvenate your home.

How Do I Know If I Have Sinking Piers or Sloping Floors?

You will know when you have sinking piers or sloping floors by noticing the following:

Objects Start Rolling

Placing a ball or a toy with wheels on the floor and observing its motion can indicate sinking piers. If objects tend to roll in a certain direction, it likely signifies uneven sinking causing the floor to tilt.

Noticing Cracked Walls

Sinking floor piers often contribute to cracked Gyprock or plaster walls in your home. The uneven sinking rates of your floor piers increase the pressure against your walls, leading to visible cracks.

Cracks in the Ceilings

Uneven sinking floor piers can lead to pressure exerted upward, causing ceiling cracks or falling ornamental cornices. This damage shows the need for immediate attention to your floor piers.

Furniture Starts Rattling

Unstable furniture, rattling cupboard doors, or unevenly resting couches could signify that your floorboards are uneven, possibly due to sinking floor piers.

What Causes Sloping Floors and Sinking Piers?

Sloping floors and sinking piers can be attributed to various factors. Leakage from underground drains, especially from damaged bathroom and kitchen pipes, can cause soil erosion and the formation of voids, which weakens the surrounding soil.

Another reason is poor roof drainage, marked by overflowing gutters, can direct excess rainwater to the house’s foundation, destabilising the piers.

Then there are also the effects of reactive clay soils under homes that may expand or contract depending on the weather conditions. During prolonged droughts, these soils contract, leading to a sinking effect.

Our Floor Relevelling Services

We recognise the vital role piers play in homes. These structures keep floors elevated, safeguarding your dwelling from damp conditions.

Our expertise extends to comprehensive house pier repairs, ensuring the stability of your living spaces. Our extensive construction, restoration, and renovation history across the greater Melbourne area has honed our skills, making us the optimal choice for underpinning services.

We are committed to maintaining the longevity and security of your home and tackling any challenges related to sloping floors and sinking piers.

Why Choose Us?

Here are the main reasons why locals in Melbourne choose us:

  • Reputable providers: We’re a trusted local name in Greater Melbourne, having fortified numerous homes with our services.
  • Focus on satisfaction: We prioritise customer satisfaction, tailoring our solutions to match your specific needs.
  • Prompt and on-time: Our professional team offers timely, efficient repairs, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.
  • Guaranteed results: We deliver lasting results, enhancing the longevity and stability of your home.