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Remedial Builders Melbourne | House and Building Repairs

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We’re not just ordinary builders here at Melbourne Underpinning Group. We’re specialists in the remedial repair of residential buildings, your first line of defence against wall cracks, failing lintels, leaning walls, and crumbling roofs.

Unlike regular carpenters, bricklayers, or plumbers, our remedial builders don’t just focus on specific tasks. Rather, we oversee the entire maintenance project, handling both structural and aesthetic aspects.

Our exceptional understanding of building construction makes us the go-to remedial builders for Melbourne homeowners. Get in touch with our underpinning experts today to learn more about our remedial solutions.

What Are Remedial Builders?

Remedial builders are specialised professionals who oversee remedial projects. These professionals assign tasks based on their expert evaluation of a property’s structural and aesthetic state.

Before becoming remedial builders, they typically amass hands-on experience in other construction roles like carpentry, underpinning, or plumbing. This prior experience equips them with comprehensive knowledge allowing them to diagnose, repair, and uphold the structural soundness of your building efficiently.

Think of remedial builders as the ‘chief surgeons’ of construction, using their experience and insights to restore your property to its prime condition.

What is the Expertise of a Remedial Builder?

A remedial builder’s expertise lies in overseeing and managing construction projects. These experts possess a unique set of skills in the construction field.

Rather than laying bricks, underpinning, or crafting wooden structures, they often step back from hands-on tasks. Their capabilities ensure the upkeep of a building’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

They pay attention to every detail, from the building’s foundation to its facade and up to the roof. Their rare hands-on involvement is precise and meticulous.

Essentially, the remedial builder’s craft is about expert supervision and a keen eye for both the structural and aesthetic needs of a building.

Key Services of Remedial Builders

The following are the key services of remedial builders:


When a building is sinking, remedial builders step in to rectify it. Coordinating the right team, they utilise modern solutions such as polyurethane underpinning, replacing traditional concrete methods.

Plumbing Repirs

Ground oversaturation may cause a building to sink. To diagnose this, remedial builders enlist plumbers to thoroughly analyse the ground, mark water mains, gas lines, and drainage systems, ensuring an accurate solution.

Facade Repairs

Aging buildings can present issues such as bending or cracking facades, moisture, mould, or failing arches and lintels. Remedial builders identify these problems, deploy teams to restore walls and repoint mortar joints, and manage moisture issues and lintel/arch repairs.

Roof Repairs

Roofs may leak over time due to cracks or wood rot. Remedial builders determine the cause, using polyurethane injections for subsidence issues or overseeing carpenters for wood rot repairs. They work to secure and restore your building’s structure.

Do You Need Remedial Repairs?

We’re Melbourne Underpinning Group. Our specialty? Fixing homes. Wall cracks, failing lintels, leaning wallswe tackle it all.

More than builders, we’re repair experts who supervise complete maintenance projects. We cover structure to aesthetics, footings to roofs.

You can count on us for all your home repair needs in Melbourne. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!