How Long Does Foundation Repair Take_

Foundation repairs typically take between 1 to 3 weeks to complete, although this duration can vary based on several factors. 

When addressing minor problems, repairs can be completed within a week. However, more severe damage necessitating extensive repair might stretch the process to 3 weeks. Ensuring that any repair work is thorough and precise is essential, as Melbourne’s weather patterns can exacerbate untreated or poorly treated foundation problems. 

Our team has been underpinning Melbourne homes for years. For this blog, we’ll expand more on the factors that affect the time it takes to complete foundation repairs.

Factors That Affect Foundation Repair Timeline

The following are the main factors that affect the foundation repair timeline:

Amount of Damage

The extent of foundation damage directly influences the repair timeline. Minor cracks or shifts can be addressed more quickly, often within a few days. In contrast, extensive damages, such as major structural issues, might require several weeks of work. The deeper and more widespread the signs you need foundation repair, the longer the process is going to take.

Location of Damage

Where the damage occurs on a foundation plays a role in the repair time. Damage located in easily accessible areas can be fixed faster. However, if the damage is under heavy built-in structures or hard-to-reach areas, it might need additional time for excavation or strategic repair approaches, extending the duration.

How Long Does Foundation Repair Will Take_

Home Size

The size of the home has a direct correlation with the foundation repair timeline. Larger homes have more ground to cover, and potential damages can be more spread out. Thus, they often require a more extended period for inspection and repair. On the other hand, smaller homes or units might have their foundation issues resolved more swiftly due to the lesser area to address.

How Long Does a Specific Foundation Repair Approach Take?

The information below provides an estimate of how long the different types of underpinning methods will take:

Pier Systems

Pier systems, commonly used to correct settling or sinking foundations, involve driving steel piers into the ground until they reach a stable soil layer. Once in place, the structure is then lifted and secured to these piers.

This method generally takes between 1 to 3 days for a standard-sized home. However, the timeline can be slightly extended if multiple piers are needed or unforeseen complications arise.

Crawl Space Supports

Crawl space supports are installed to correct sagging floors above crawl spaces. Often made of steel, these supports are strategically positioned to provide the necessary lift and support.

A typical installation process for a house with noticeable sagging areas can be completed within a day or two. However, if the entire crawl space requires extensive support adjustments, it might stretch to a week.

Basement Wall Repair

Basement wall repairs typically involve reinforcing the wall using steel beams or carbon fibre strips, especially for bowed or cracked walls. Minor cracks can be sealed and reinforced within a day. More substantial repairs, like installing wall anchors or braces, might take 2 to 4 days.

It’s crucial to ensure the wall is stabilised to prevent further movement or damage, and the timeline can vary based on the severity of the wall’s condition.

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