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Underpinning Macleod | Foundation Repair Experts

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At Melbourne Underpinning Group, we are the trusted local experts providing specialised underpinning services in Macleod.

Our team is dedicated to resolving all kinds of foundation problems, ensuring the safety and stability of your home. Underpinning is a complex process that requires the highest level of precision and expertise, and we pride ourselves on offering exactly that.

Don’t let your home’s integrity be compromised; reach out to us today and book a consultation. Let’s safeguard your home together.

Why Do I Need Underpinning?

Your property may need underpinning because of the following:

Stabilise Soil Movement

Macleod’s soil can be prone to movement, causing a shift in your home’s foundation. Underpinning is necessary to stabilise your property and prevent further damage.

Increase Building Load

If you’re planning to add more storeys to your home or repurpose your space, you will need underpinning in Macleod to support the additional load.

Rectify Poor Construction

Sometimes, past construction methods were not as accurate or secure. In such cases, underpinning is essential to correct past mistakes and reinforce the foundation.

What Causes Foundation Problems in Macleod?

The following are the main causes of foundation problems in the area:

  • Soil Type: The soil types in Macleod and Montrose can often lead to foundation problems due to their propensity to shrink and swell with moisture variations.
  • Age of the Building: Older buildings, particularly those built with outdated construction techniques, are more likely to suffer foundation issues.
  • Extreme Weather Conditions: Severe weather changes can cause soil expansion and contraction, leading to significant foundation damage.

Signs You Need Underpinning

These are the signs your property may need underpinning in Macleod:

  • Visible cracks appearing on walls or floors.
  • Difficulty in opening or closing doors and windows, indicating a possible shift in the foundation.
  • Noticeable sloping of floors or a sense of ‘unevenness’ underfoot.

Underpinning Services We Provide

At Melbourne Underpinning Group, we offer a wide array of underpinning services designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners in Macleod. Our experts evaluate each situation carefully, deciding on the best underpinning method to ensure long-lasting results.

We provide both traditional underpinning and advanced techniques, including screw pile and bracket underpinning, depending on your property’s requirements. We aim to restore your home’s structural integrity efficiently and safely.

Why Choose Us for Underpinning in Macleod

You should choose us for underpinning in Macleod because of the following reasons:

Licenced Builders

We are licenced builders, assuring you that every underpinning in Boronia or Macleod is executed to the highest professional standards.

In-Depth Expertise

Our extensive experience in underpinning allows us to provide robust solutions that permanently secure your home’s foundation.

Excellent Customer Service

From the first consultation to project completion, we offer top-notch customer service, guiding you through each step and ensuring your satisfaction.