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Underpinning Hawthorn | Foundation Repair Experts

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We are Melbourne Underpinning Group, and we pride ourselves on offering exceptional underpinning services to the residents of Hawthorn.

With decades of industry experience under our belt, our trained professionals excel in transforming your home’s foundation from a risky asset into a stable base, using traditional underpinning alternatives. We are well-equipped and fully prepared to handle any underpinning project you have in mind.

Don’t wait until the last minute when foundation repairs become a costly necessity. Take action now and book a consultation with our experts today!

Why Do I Need Underpinning?

You need underpinning because of the following reasons:

Soil Instability

In Hawthorn, the ground beneath properties can shift over time due to soil instability. This can compromise your home’s foundation, making underpinning essential.

Age of Building

Older homes, often found in Hawthorn, may need underpinning due to wear and tear over the years. This process helps to strengthen the original foundation.

Property Expansion

If you plan to add another story to your home, underpinning will ensure your foundation can handle the extra weight.

What Causes Foundation Problems in Hawthorn?

Several factors can cause foundation issues in Hawthorn. One of the most common causes is expansive soil, which expands and contracts with changes in moisture, causing the ground beneath the foundation to shift. This is a particular issue in areas around Oakleigh.

A second cause is poor construction, where inadequate foundation work has been done during the building phase.

Thirdly, environmental changes, such as heavy rainfall or drought, can exacerbate existing foundation issues.

Signs You Need Underpinning

These are the signs you need underpinning:

  • Visible Cracks: Cracks in your walls or floors are one of the most telling signs you might need underpinning.
  • Doors and Windows Sticking: If doors and windows no longer open and close smoothly, this could be an indication of a shifting foundation.
  • Uneven Floors: If you notice that your floors are sloping or feel uneven underfoot, underpinning may be necessary.

Underpinning Services We Provide

At Melbourne Underpinning Group, we tailor our underpinning solutions to meet the unique needs of each Hawthorn homeowner.

Our team of experts evaluates the specific conditions of your property, determines the most effective approach, and implements the necessary procedures with minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

We utilise the latest technology and methods, ensuring a strong, stable foundation that can stand the test of time.

Why Choose Us for Underpinning in Hawthorn

These are the reasons to choose us for underpinning in Hawthorn:

Licensed Builders

Our team comprises licensed builders with comprehensive training in underpinning in Brighton and Hawthorn. You can trust us to provide top-quality service.

In-Depth Expertise

Our years of industry experience and commitment to continuous learning make us experts in underpinning solutions.

Excellent Customer Service

At Melbourne Underpinning Group, we believe in treating our customers as part of our family. We ensure transparent communication throughout the process and strive to exceed your expectations.